December 7, 2020

Where to buy good quality cowhide with many promotion

On the market today, there are many places that sell cowhide. But not all places provide quality products with affordable prices. Understanding this concern of our customers, today's article will introduce to everyone the address specializing in importing and distributing good, beautiful, diverse cowhide in Ho Chi Minh City. 

The demand for using suede leather today 

The demand for using cowhide in the field of processing handmade products and garments is increasing day by day. Because this material is extremely suitable for processing products such as shoes, bags, handmade items... Cowhide material brings beauty, impression, and high aesthetics. Thanks to the characteristics of structural materials, properties, colors, etc. These materials contribute to improving the aesthetics and durability of the finished products in the best way. 

Genuine cowhide has excellent leather quality 

Usually real cowhide will have the appearance of uneven spots, inconsistent color because the animal's real skin is soaked in sunlight. Moreover, the price of suede material is also extremely reasonable, affordable, suitable for the financial ability of many customers. 

What are the advantages of real cowhide? 

Before being used as a production material, real leather is required to undergo a chemical process called tanning. People soak chemical bleach for real leather so that the leather does not rot, polish the surface of the leather and help the leather keep its durability over time. Depending on the requirements of each product, before making the finished product, leather is usually covered with a layer of paint to create a separate gloss and color. 

The durability of real leather panels is over 5 years. If you intend to find a place to sell cowhide, you should consider choosing a reputable supplier. This will ensure the source of quality goods, genuine leather will be thoroughly checked before delivery to customers. 

The brand that sells quality cowhide in Ho Chi Minh City 

Real cowhide material not only has good durability but also has a long service life, showing high aesthetics for the product. However, because real cowhide material has a high price, there are still some addresses that tend to sell fake and poor quality cowhide. This makes many customers fall into the situation of losing money.

For this reason, manufacturers are extremely focused on finding and choosing reputable and quality cowhide suppliers. If you have not found a place that sells real cowhide, come to Aury Vietnam immediately. The company specializes in selling all kinds of imported cowhide, with quality assurance, safety for health, certified by competent authorities. So, if you are looking for a place to sell real cowhide, don't forget to visit Aury Vietnam. We are ready to support 24/7, quickly answer all the needs of customers across the country to order cowhide. Information to contact Aury in a variety of ways. 

For any information, please contact our Hotline at +84 (0)981 673 871 or +84 (0)28 6654 7788 for advice and more detailed information, we will be very pleased to serve you!

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Address: 9th Floor, Vien Dong Building, 14 Phan Ton, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam 

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