August 18, 2020

Where to buy cowhide that will make good quality handmade products

You are a skillful person and you want to create handmade leather goods to use, decorate your home or that can be used for business? Are you looking for a reputable brand to buy quality handmade cowhide to serve your needs? Then follow the article of to get the best choice! 

The demand for handmade products 

Currently, handmade products are very popular in the market. For customers who are skillful, you can create beautiful, impressive and delicate handmade products by yourself. These products not only serve the needs of use and decoration, but many people also create handmade items to serve their business.

Cowhide is used a lot to make handmade goods 

Handmade goods may not be as gorgeous as those made with industrial machines. However, the product can be customised as needed by the maker or buyer, you can create more unique and new ideas to increase the attractiveness of the product. 

In particular, the demand to buy cowhide for handmade products is increasing. This is the material used a lot to create wallets, bags, key chains... to serve the needs of customers. 

Advantages of handmade items made from cowhide 

With the purchase of cowhide for handmade items, there are many advantages. Therefore, it is widely used today. The outstanding advantages of the product can be mentioned as follows: 

Highest durability: With this genuine cowhide material, if you use it properly, it can keep its durability very well. If you use and maintain it properly, it can last for decades. The more you use it, the softer and lighter the cowhide will be. 

Easy to clean: When used for a long time, the leather may become dull, but it is also very easy to clean. You just need to apply a layer of leather care, then the leather will be shiny again. In addition, the maintenance of this cowhide material is also very simple and it does not require sophisticated washing. 

There are many cowhide materials for you to choose from to make handmade items:

  • Painted leather: It is cowhide whose surface is covered with a layer of paint with various colors. This coating has good durability and does not peel off over time. There are many types of paint: glossy paint, matte paint.. to create the aesthetics of leather. 
  • Raw leather: When making handmade products that use this type of leather, it will often be a bit hard, the color is mainly light cow color. 
  • Waxed leather: This is the type of leather on the surface that is always covered with a layer of wax or oil to protect the leather or nourish the skin. From there, the leather does not dry out over time, always soft and smooth. When using it as a handmade item, it will have quite good bearing capacity and high aesthetics. 

Where to buy handmade cowhide? 

If you are still wondering whether to buy good quality handmade cowhide, coming to Aury is the best choice for you. Aury is proud to be a brand specializing in providing good quality cowhide with reasonable price. In addition, we also have a return policy if the product does not meet the quality standards.

For any information, please contact our Hotline at +84 (0)981 673 871 or +84 (0)28 6654 7788 for advice and more detailed information, we will be very pleased to serve you!

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