February 27, 2017

Where to buy and how to maintain leather?

Where to buy real leather? A very difficult question to answer today. Real leather, also known as tanned leather, is a finished leather that, after going through a rather complicated tanning process, will have a much stronger durability than imitation leather. 

Real leather is currently very popular and is several times more durable than other types of imitation leather. Some people even believe that the skin can breathe. Indeed, in the winter the cold will make the skin shrink to block the wind, so when you put it on, you will feel warmer, and in the summer, the skin will expand and release air to create coolness when wearing. 

Leather jackets are made from imported cowhide 

Where is the best place to buy genuine leather 

Before making finished leather, the surface of the leather is also covered with a thin layer of paint to make it shine and colorful, the leather price is also quite high. Customers who have experience in using leather said that they will choose simple leather products, rough skin, firm grip, and smoothness. And to be sure, you should choose products from famous brands. 

However, any valuable product when used cannot avoid damage, especially leather products are very sensitive to humid weather, so you need to preserve leather goods in the most reasonable way. 

Where to buy real leather and store it properly 

  • Do not wash it directly with water, but use a damp cloth to briefly wipe the leather surface, then use a dry towel to wipe it again.
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight, which affects the life of the item, making the skin hard and rough. 
  • A very good tip is that for products that are not used often, wrap or insert newspaper into the product to keep its shape and absorb moisture. 

Where to buy a real leather jacket 

So, just take some time to take care, your leather goods will always be beautiful no matter what the weather is like. Surely, now you will understand more about the saying: "The durability of a product depends on the user". 

With the motto of always taking quality as the top factor, Aury Vietnam wishes to bring absolute satisfaction to every customer. Therefore, if you are wondering "Where to buy quality  leather", please contact Aury Vietnam immediately to own quality products with the most professional working process. Note: It is recommended to use fire to test a piece of real leather before buying.  Leathers bought from unknown suppliers may be imitated leather. 

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