May 2, 2019

What is the real cowhide wallet - what is PU skin?

Do you know what real cowhide and PU leather is? And how are they similar and different? Why is the price of real cowhide leather and the price of PU leather so different? Let's find out with Aury Vietnam right in this article! 


Genuine cowhide wallet is a leather wallet made from 100% genuine cowhide material, does not contain other mixed materials and has the typical advantages and disadvantages of a piece of real cowhide, let's learn about cowhide wallet. 

Cowhide is the most widely used of all leathers by humans. This leather is famous for its quality and long-lasting texture, high tear resistance, and good wear resistance. Cowhide is usually divided into 3 types: “full grain, top grain, and split.” 

  • “Full grain” leather is a type of leather that has been treated to remove all the hair on the surface of the leather but the defects on the skin have not been treated. On the surface of the skin we can completely see the scars of the skin or other defects, not polished or beautified. Especially, the color of the leather is natural, kept intact without any color treatment or dyeing. 
  • “Top grain” leather is a type of leather that has been treated with defects, scars, .. on the surface of the skin. The leather surface has been polished and color treated with dyes. 
  • “Split” leather is leather derived from the lower part of the epidermis, which is reserved for the production of suede types. Split leather tends to be less durable because it's the lower part of the skin's epidermis, so it doesn't have as much strength and endurance as leathers taken from the outer surface. Furthermore, most split leather is obtained from pieces that have problems in the top layer of the leather, forcing the leather maker to remove the skin deep in the epidermis, so split leather or suede is not as good as full grain and top grain leather. 


PU leather is not a genuine leather, in other words, PU leather is an artificial leather. PU leather is made from fabric leather and coated with Polyurethane, a high-quality plastic material, or scraps of fabric and polymer to create a cloth surface. Then, with wrinkle stamping technique to create artificial wrinkles that look like the wrinkles on real cowhide. It is important that in the process of creating wrinkles, not to leave cracks or peeling, the new piece of PU leather ensures quality and is used in products such as belts or leather wallets, .. 

In the past, PU leather was used in the clothing and footwear industry, but today, PU leather is more widely used such as leather wallets, furniture upholstery, etc. In addition to artificial leather, PU leather also has other types of leather. others like PVC, microfiber, TPU… 


Genuine leather wallets and PU leather wallets have quite a few different characteristics such as: 

  1. Genuine leather made of animals should have the characteristic smell of organic and animal products while PU leather has a characteristic plastic smell. 
  2. PU wallets are much cheaper than real cowhide wallets (about 100,000vnd to more than 500,000vnd) 
  3. PU wallets are widely imported mainly from China while real cowhide wallets have rich origins possibly from India. India, Europe, Italy, even Vietnam, .. 
  4. PU leather wallets often have a brighter and glossier appearance than real leather wallets, real leather wallets if it is Full grain leather will have a slightly stiffer and thicker appearance. 
  5. Real leather has a life expectancy of more than 5 years, but PU leather has a shorter life, only about 1-2 years.

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