August 23, 2019

What is Saffiano Leather?

Before finding out what the true meaning of Saffiano Leather is, we should learn about Genuine Leather so you can distinguish it. When you are shopping for a leather briefcase, leather jacket or leather shoes, you should know exactly what to look for in your leather product. Genuine leather not only means that the product is made from cowhide, but it also means that one of the poorest quality products is made from cowhide. Genuine leather is generally not as durable or beautiful as high-quality leather. Typically you'll find it in belts in supermarkets, in shoes in cheap supermarkets, and in handbags or other products in the low-priced leather segment. Products marked Genuine leather will have several layers of poor quality leather glued together, then painted to look like high-quality leather. This leather segment is acceptable if you are looking for something cheap and don't care much about quality. It won't last very long, so you shouldn't use it every day. On the other hand, top-grain leather is a high quality leather type. It is widely used for women's wallets, including for small products for men such as men's wallets, which are sold by famous designer brands. It is separated from the outer “top layer”, above the “top-grain” layer, and the skin imperfections are removed by light sanding. Some products are stamped with “fake grain” on the surface. Then, it is processed and dyed to give a product with a flat (blemish-free) skin. The finished product will not last as long as full-grain and will end up looking old after being used for too long. 

However, the finished product of this leather segment will be excellent, if you don't care too much about longevity or resistance to dirt. It is often used for heavy leather categories, like weapon holsters and utility belts. But it can also be used (with great success) for belts, briefcases, shoes, work boots and many other leather products. This type of leather retains natural animal imperfections such as scars, but products from high-end companies will not use this type of defect leather. Full-grain leather, the longer it is used, the more beautiful it becomes. It is widely known to be the finest leather with the highest price tag. Normally, its price is much more expensive, in return Full-grain has a very long life. 

If you buy a product made from full-grain leather, you will probably use it for a lifetime. 

  • Bonded leather: scrap leather and some other materials are glued together. An average of about 17% of the product is genuine leather. In simple words, bonded leather is like "plywood", but instead of wood, here is leather. 
  • Bicast leather: leather that has been stripped of its top-grain layer, then applied a layer of polyurethane and grained imitation leather to look like top-grain leather. In the market. When it comes to Suede leather, it is only understood as the second type so it has a poor quality. 
  • Metallic leather: is leather covered with a layer of laminate. The leather inside can be top-grain or it can also be suede, depending on the manufacturer. 

So what is saffiano leather? 

Saffiano leather is a high-end leather line originating from Italy. The father is Mario Prada - the founder of the world famous Prada fashion house. The selected high-quality leather panels will be pressed under the stamping machine for about 10-15 seconds. Since then, Saffiano leather has been favored by many major fashion brands. 

“Saffiano” is a surface grain treatment for the leather, which takes the form of crisscrossed diagonal lines, which are then finished with a water-resistant layer. Therefore, all leathers treated with this method are called Saffiano leather. There are two types of Saffiano leather, which differ in the origin of the hide before treatment: one made from leather and one made of synthetic material. These two skin types are very similar, so when choosing products, you should ask for skin type information. Not only has the advantage of durability, the aesthetics of this leather line is also very high.

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