October 3, 2020

What Is Full-grain Wax Cow leather? How to Identify Real Wax Cow Leather

Full waxed cowhide is popularly used in the fashion industry for its high aesthetic appeal. This material is applied to many common items and accessories in life. So what is waxed cowhide? Let's find out with Auryvietnam.com about information related to waxed cowhide in the following article. 

What is full wax cowhide? 

Waxed cowhide is also known as (pull up aniline leather). This is a leather that is tanned by the Aniline method and then oiled or waxed. As a consequence, it has the strength of Aniline leather but because it is covered with an extra layer so after a period of use, the skin layer will be worn away and reveal a lighter area of ​​skin similar to rubbed spots, and also makes the wallet easier to scratch. 

Waxed cowhide is also known as pull up aniline leather. 

In short, waxed cowhide is a type of leather that is tanned by technology with a layer of chemicals. This chemical layer is usually Chrome. After a thorough tanning process, the leather will be taken out and rubbed on a layer of wax. Because the needs and uses will be different, many different types of wax will be created, and it is different in the wax layer itself, it can be more or less wax, dry or wet, thick or thin... 

From the outside you can easily see that waxed leather is a type of leather to express personality because of the dusty feeling and always has the ability to bring a unique substance to a product you use. Waxed leather is highly durable. The more it is scratched, the more beautiful it becomes. So it can be bumped comfortably without you being afraid of damaging the product you wear. Another interesting feature is that waxed leather is easy to be rubbed because inos is easy to scratch, so it leaves many scratches and this makes waxed leather become more shiny. 

How to treat and protect waxed cowhide 

Leather is tanned, then colored. Then spray on the surface of the skin with a traditional aniline dye. There are traditional methods like pull up, shrunken grain, savage, wax crackle. As a final step, sometimes spray a light protective layer (like wax) to make the leather more resistant to dust. Pull Up leather, if covered with a layer of color, will make the skin change and no longer be good. 

How to tell waxed cowhide from other leathers 

How to recognise waxed cowhide from other leathers 

Lightly scratch the surface to see if the leather leaves behind a lighter color scratch. If you feel the scratch is lighter in color, then 90% of it is Pull Up leather and the remaining 10% is Nubuck leather because there are several types of leather with similar characteristics. 

Another way is to wet your finger and rub it gently on the skin to see if it darkens. If it is Pull Up leather, you will see it become darker when wet, and get back to its original color when dry. 

In addition, you can also apply a protective cream such as shoe cream on the shoe surface and let it dry. If the cream dries and you don't see any traces, it's a pullup leather. 

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