September 10, 2020

What are the outstanding features of full-grain cowhide?

If you are a fashionista, you definitely can't ignore the products made from genuine leather with all styles and designs that are extremely rich and beautiful: from pretty purses and bags to stylish leather jackets. The following article will share with you information about the characteristics of full-grain cowhide for customers who love handmade leather goods. 

What are the characteristics of full-grain cowhide? 

Full-grain cowhide leather has an outstanding feature that pores are evenly spread all over the skin surface, so it makes the skin smooth, beautiful and especially tough, making the cow skin more durable. Full-grain cowhide is more durable than any other types of leather. 

What are the outstanding features of full-grain cowhide leather ?

This cowhide material has the advantage of being easy to process and is often used in the garment industry, producing fashion accessories, especially handmade products. Full-grain cowhide leather has a variety of colors and sizes with moderate thickness, creating certainty for the product and also meeting all the different needs of customers. A piece of cowhide has to go through a lot of preliminary processing, tanning by modern methods with a closed process. In particular, full-grain cowhide is also tested according to the standards of international organizations, so the product is very safe for human health as well as very friendly to the environment. 

Having many outstanding features 

Full-grain cowhide material attracts the attention of many people because leather possesses many features that are rarely achieved by other materials:

  • Leather material is durable and sturdy. The longer you use it, the softer and more supple it will be. 
  • High elasticity, good elasticity, easy to process products. 
  • Odorless and very beautiful 
  • High scratch resistance, water resistance and wind resistance 

The brand sells the best quality full-grain cowhide 

If you are in need of buying full-grain cowhide for yourself or to design fashion handmade products then you should come to Aury Vietnam. 

Aury Vietnam specializes in trading and supplying high-quality full-grain cowhide leather with many designs such as: 

  • Crocodile embossed cowhide 
  • Leather embossed calf leather 
  • Powdered cowhide 
  • Italian calfskin 
  • PULL UP cowhide

With us, customers also receive enthusiastic and expert advice from sales staff. From there, customers will be extremely satisfied in terms of service quality. 

With Aury Vietnam, you don’t take any risk and will be 100% satisfied.

Aury Vietnam is currently considered as the brand of the best quality full-grain cowhide and receives a lot of good feedback from customers. Coming to Aury Vietnam, you will find a great choice of products that can suit any of your needs at extremely reasonable prices. 

For any information, please contact our Hotline at +84 (0)981 673 871 or +84 (0)28 6654 7788 for advice and more detailed information, we will be very pleased to serve you!

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