February 12, 2021

Update on Cow Leather price level in Vietnamese market

Currently, there are many kinds of leathers and each type of leather has a different selling price. Stay tuned for quick updates on the best prices. 

How to quickly recognize leather 

Cowhide is one of the good materials to make furniture and fashion products with high aesthetic and economic value. Therefore, designers are always on the hunt for this material to make the most luxurious and classy products. Cowhide is used to design high-end fashion items such as leather jackets, leather shoes, leather watch straps, leather bags, leather wallets, etc. 

Cowhide is not only a great material for the fashion industry or high-quality furniture, it is also used in the field of interior decoration such as decorative sofa covers, car seat covers, etc. With such a demand for cowhide, finding a place to sell genuine leather at cheap prices is interesting to many people. 

High-grade cowhide is a great choice for car seats 

If you want to own original cowhide or different types, you need to consider how much you can spend. The higher quality of cowhide, the more expensive and the more luxurious. Therefore, when using items made from cowhide, users always feel more luxurious and classy. Each product made from cowhide is sure to beat other fabrics to become more popular and attractive. That's why identifying cowhide leather is always a top priority. You can recognise it  through: hardness, smoothness, pore surface, ridges, smell or color (original)…. 

Leather price on the market today? 

Currently, the price of cowhide depends on many factors. The price of cowhide can be expensive or cheap depending on the cowhide material and its origin. 

For leather materials imported in famous countries, the price will certainly be higher. THis can be explained by the fact that it is a high quality cowhide material, processed with many stages, to ensure safety for users, meet quality measurement standards for the European market. 

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Aury Vietnam provides genuine imported cowhide.

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