March 26, 2019

Things to know about leather seats for cars

1. Cheap car seat cover

After a few years of use, your car seat cushion may be torn, especially on the driver's seat for regularly and moving up and down. Moreover, more than 30% of new cars in the Vietnam market are not manufactured with genuine leather seats. We recommend that you invest, for a very reasonable cost, in real leather seat mattresses to get a more luxurious and clean feeling in your car.

2. Advantages of real leather covering the car seat 

Real cow leather used to cover car seats is a little different from leather used in the garment industry. Because of the peculiarity of movement, the car seats always need to be soft to offer comfort to the person sitting on it. So, the leather surface should be soft and smooth. This type of natural cowhide material is affordable and hygroscopic. The longer you use it, the softer it becomes. Besides that, it is also about the smell of the leather. Unlike industrial materials, the cow leather does not leave any toxic plastic odor. This type of leather may even have a slight pleasant fragrance. 

3. Should you use imitation leather for seat covers? 

Production technology is improving, developing many types of leather-covered materials that we often call: imitation leather, simili, artificial leather. At first sight, it may look like real cowhide, and a lot of stores rely on this to cheat their customers. The advantage of this material is that it is cheap, durable and has a smooth tension which is close to real cowhide. However, there are still irreversible disadvantages such as: easy to catch fire, easy to create odors in the car when placing a car under the sun too long, not airy and could become very dry. Therefore, car seats with fake leather materials are only suitable for cheap vehicles. For individuals and family users, you should still invest to equip yourself with a 100% real leather chair. It's luxurious and it helps protect your own health and family members . 

4. Advice on choosing colors to cover car leather mattresses 

Selecting a 100% real leather material to wrap your car's seat is difficult. But the decision to choose the leather color is also complicated and takes a lot of time. Normally, we still choose popular leather colors like: yellow cream, dark grey, light grey, black. These colors are the new trend in car interiors (doors, ceiling, colored plastic around the chair). However, young customers like to choose outstanding colors: like red, yellow, brown chocolate, red, or various color combinations. It really depends on the car owner's personality.

5. Types of leather seats for 5-seat cars and 7 seats 

There are different ways to create the leather seats. The most common way is sewing felt  according to the car seat shapes. It means that we use felt shape samples as a pattern and then sew leather according to the shape of the pattern. The assembly stage is also simpler: just removing the felt and cover with leather and it's done. However, there are many other ways to create the leather car seats: sewing according to the Rolls Royce style, or the BMW checkered type, or sewing according to Civic type, wrinkled ... This garment technique requires a mechanic and a lot of expertise. The installation of this stylized segment also needs a professional mounting person. 

Should the surface of the leather seats be perforated ?

Perforate on the leather surface will help the air circulation between the back of the person sitting and the sucker inside the chair, limiting the heat and sweating on the back. But this also has a disadvantage of retaining the dirt inside the seat. Moreover, the life of a car leather chair would be reduced. 

6. Remove felt when installing a new seat mattress for car 

When a new car is bought, it is delivered with a felt. Many vehicle owners want to keep this unique feeling and want the car to be clean with no dust. There are two other options: 

1 - Keep the suit on the car and cover it with a new leather jacket. Advantages: The flannelette is not removed and it does not affect the original vehicle. The installation time is also faster and simpler. After a few years of use, when the exterior leather jacket is old, we just need to remove it and the car will get back to its original condition. - Disadvantages: The new leather coat is bossed in bulge, not close to the chair body, the aesthetic is significantly reduced. 

2 - Remove the felt, also called a dyed shirt: - Advantages: The new seat cushion is close to the car, the car seat becomes smooth.. The new leather set does not slip on the felt surface so durability is also increased. The original suit is removed carefully. And after a few years, if you want to wrap this felt on the car, you just need to spend a very small cost to do it. - Disadvantages: Loss of original setup of vehicles, more complex installations, more costs.

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