November 21, 2019

Things to know about leather hides

Many experts in the processing and manufacturing industry are looking for the best leather hides for their production. However, many people still do not understand the in-depth knowledge of leather. Along with Aury Vietnam, learn everything about the different types of leather hides in the article below.

Leather concept

Leather hides are the most expensive and worthwhile product for finished leather products. It is an indispensable material for fashion with high durability and with natural softness extracted from animals such as cowhide, buffalo leather, sheep leather, crocodile leather ... But the most common is cowhide. Designers, businesses and leather manufacturing companies are using leather to produce fashion products such as bags, shoes, belts … leather furniture products, car interiors use other types of leather depending on the volume of production  and depending on each industry. The gola remains to create the most durable and highest quality products on the market. 

To create leathers for sale, leather hides must go through a processing phase to prepare and become clean, soft, easily permeable to chemicals, durable and difficult to decompose. With this type of leather, there is no color coating on the surface during the tanning process because this type of leather is usually selected from the best parts of the animal's skin, so it will bring natural porosity, breathability, softness and has good elasticity. Commercial, good elasticity. 

With this type of leather, in the process of tanning people there is no color coating on the surface

How are  leather hides divided into different categories?

Leather hides are expensive because this is the most high quality and luxurious product line used to produce fashion products, furniture, car interior. There are many types of leather hides, each type having their features and different benefits.

Pull up aniline leather : This leather is named  "Prince of the real leather world" and it is very popular for the shoe and bag fashion industry, This type of leather is airy,  soft, elastic and it is harder to break than other leather types because there is no external coating. 

Semi-aniline corrected : This is a product line among 3 types of leather. The product is stained, waterproofed and has a mild polymer surface cover to reduce steaming. Although it was dyed through a layer, the leather still has natural osmotic thanks to a thin layer on the leather surface with a paint layer, creating a soft combination.

Bicast leather: This type of leather is produced from the bottom split leather and is usually produced in darker color then stretched for brighter colors. In the past, this leather type was often used in fashionable production facilities such as bags, belts. However, today, this product line is usually used primarily for the leather interior industry.

Pigmented leather: The type of leather is tinged with natural color similar to aniline and semi aniline, so the product made from this type of leather will have less weak points. Then it get colored by coating an opaque pigment layer and embossed with seed samples to ensure color uniformity and anti-fading. This protective layer has a thickness that will produce color diversity and durability. 

Suede: This is the inner layer of the leather and it is grinded to get a flat surface.

Leather hides are divided into many types, each type has a characteristic and a different value  

Tanning methods:  Tanning process can follow different methods using chemicals or not.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather : it is a method that uses tanin - a natural polyphenol chemical that we can find on the surface of bark and leaves of many plant species. This chemical can be in liquid or powder form. This will cause the leather to become waterproof and resistant to bacteria and mold. It will also help the leather to become soft.

Leather with chromium minerals : This method only takes a day to complete, so it is suitable for large-scale manufacturing and processing facilities. It can also facilitate the creation of products with blue or many other colors. 

Aldehyde-tanned leather: This method uses glutaraldehyde and oxazolidine compounds. This method is commonly used in shoe manufacturing for children and automotive furniture. 

There are also many methods such as: leather with FomanDehit, Brain tanned Leathers, Chamois leather, Rose Tanned leather,..

Tanning process can follow different methods using chemicals or not and combining different methods.

With all this information, you can know more about Aury Vietnam leather. As a company specialized in providing high quality cowhides, Aury Vietnam is committed to provide to our customers a great range of product collections with a vast array of colors, prices that can fit any request and any specific usage.

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