November 9, 2020

Things to know about Italian cowhide

Currently, cowhide products are being widely used to make fashion products, furniture, household appliances, etc. In particular, Italian cowhide is a high-class product that fashionistas should not miss. So to learn more about cowhide products, don't miss the information shared by

Characteristics of Italian cowhide 

Cowhide in general and Italian cowhide in particular are known for their extremely high quality. That is why the product becomes quite expensive and is sought after by high-end fashionistas. Italian cowhide has a special feature that is not burnt and has very high elasticity. If you want to find real cowhide, you can try to burn a bit of cowhide or use a sharp object to test a small part of the leather. Genuine cowhide will not burn and is difficult to tear. 

Besides that, Italian cowhide is extremely flexible so it can be used to make many fashion items and convenient gadgets. Since then, it is both durable and beautiful, showing the nobility of the user. 

Not only high quality, Italian cowhide products also have many different colors. Since then, giving users a variety of choices, creating newness, producing fashion items to serve the diverse needs of today's consumers. 

The outstanding advantages of Italian cowhide

Italian cowhide products are chosen by many people because of their outstanding advantages. There are many advantages to mention as follows: 

  • These products made from cowhide have a very high durability, very high bearing capacity, after time of use, the skin becomes more flexible, elastic and bright. more glossy. 
  • The product has high elasticity, so it will not be too difficult to make products. 
  • High breathability, no smell. Especially able to withstand the effects of weather. 
  • Italian cowhide has high scratch resistance, waterproof 
  • Cowhide has a beautiful texture, suitable for a variety of forms, meeting all needs and preferences of customers. 

Italian cowhide offers many advantages 

Notes when choosing to buy Italian cowhide 

To choose genuine, good quality products, you should consider carefully learning about the product. The notes when choosing to buy Italian cowhide products are as follows: 

  • When going to the place to buy cowhide, users should try to test real or fake leather.
  • Please consult your friends about that store before buying. 
  • Learn about the store by consulting friends, relatives, researching on the website, and viewing customer reviews. 
  • Note the quantity and price you want to buy. If you buy online, you can also buy a small amount to test and then decide to continue buying or not to make sure you don't get scammed. 

Learn carefully about the address of italian cowhide. Through the above sharing, you can grasp the characteristics of Italian cowhide. If you have a need to use genuine products, please contact for further support! 

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