July 30, 2018

The difference between skin and cowhide imported

In the current development of the fashion industry, imported cowhide is considered one of the most popular materials in 2017. 

Why should you buy leather fabric? Is leather fabric better than cowhide or not? 

Leather fabric is known as animal skin through a tanning process, also known as a chemical treatment process, to obtain stronger, more beautiful hides. Cow hide after the tanning process will become better and will make a lot of impression on users, so leather is increasingly favored. 

The origin of leather is animal skin, in which there is also cowhide, so it must be better than imported cowhide. 

Imported cowhide, imported leather 

Advantages and disadvantages 

Advantages: The leather will be soaked in many different chemicals to reduce the decomposition of the leather when exposed to the environment, the leather surface is more polished. Estimated shelf life of leather is over 5 years. 

Cons: Because it is animal skin, the price is very high. A product made from cow or pig skin costs up to 3 million VND. And because it is reflected in the peeling process, most people will use simili skin. 

How is simili leather different from leather? 

Simili leather is used in the interior the most. They are faded and stain resistant, so you don't have to worry about cleaning them. The cost for you to own simili leather is only a fraction of  animal leather. So you can own many of these industrial leathers in your home without worrying about high costs. 

Depending on each person will choose for themselves a suitable skin type. Leather is for those who are willing to spend, it will show the noble class of the user. 

Through the above sharing, hope you will choose for yourself the most suitable imported leather fabrics.

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