January 9, 2017

Special leather materials for car seat cover

You own a trendy car and you want to refurbish the car interior to raise the level of the car as well as show the personality of the car owner. Be a smart consumer by using quality leather car seat covers. Currently, there are too many stores selling poor quality car seat covers. 

Genuine leather seat cover for car 

1. Genuine leather 

Genuine leather seat cushion is resistant to dust and unpleasant odors in the car and is the first choice of car owners.

Bacteria cannot develop; this will ensure the health of users. 

Drivers, especially women, always like this type of mattress because they are cleaner, softer than other mattresses and their color helps to enhance the luxury feeling and value for the car. 

High quality genuine leather for cars 

Easy to clean, convenient to clean, does not stick like felt. 

The price of real leather is quite expensive, so it is not chosen by everybody.

2. Imitation leather material 

The leatherette seat covers are available in a vast array of colors according to the vehicle, so customers can choose more easily. This material is less prone to dust and dirt. However, imitation leather is usually not as durable as real leather. 

To distinguish real leather from fake leather, you can rely on the following 2 criteria: The better the leather quality is, the less smell it has because it is processed by the best, most famous leather tanning methods. Real leather has a better elasticity. Leather surface and texture are also different from imitation leather. The seam must also be correct. When the new mattress is installed, it will be tight and beautiful. The price is more moderate, so it is preferred by drivers. 

3. Felt material 

The price of this mattress is much cheaper than a real leather mattress and it also doesn't smell much. With felt seats, you just need to take care of it quite simply by using diluted soap to clean the stains, then dry it. However, the felt cover is hotter and harder to clean. Easy to get dirt and dust 

4. Simili leather car seat cover 

Simili leather car seat cover is the best solution for those who want to save money on refurbishing the car's interior. If you use this type, after a few months you can throw it away and replace it with a new one. Therefore, your car will always look like new, but in fact you also have to spend a lot of money because of the low durability of simili. In addition, they cannot help avoid unpleasant odors even though they are less dusty. 

Source: noithatonplaza.vn

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