August 18, 2018

Secrets to Preserving Cowhide

Here are a few tips to preserve imported cowhide leather goods and keep them beautiful over the years. Please don't forget to refer to the specific instructions for each different skin type. Always test cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous corner to see a reaction before applying to most of the skin. 

Leather care steps for cowhide products 

  • When water drips or spills on leather seats, immediately blot dry with a towel with good absorbency. If necessary, wipe gently with a slightly damp and warm towel, then allow to air dry. If it works, wipe most of the dirty areas. 
  • Do not use soap or soak stains with water. That will cause worse consequences than stains. 
  • Do not use solvents or gasoline, kerosene, polish, varnish, dishwashing liquid, or clothes softener, ammonia solution... to wipe the skin surface. 
  • With butter, oil, grease... just wipe with a dry cloth, then just let it sit, after a while the stain will penetrate the skin and disappear. 
  • If stains persist, then a specially formulated leather cleaning solution should be used to avoid damaging the leather. 
  • Don't worry about minor scratches, they usually heal over time and gradually become less visible. Use a clean piece of sheepskin or your finger to gently pat the scratch. Conspicuous deep scratches on the upholstery can be healed with a tanning agent. 
  • Manufacturers sell leather repair kits with the same material as the product (about two kits can be purchased with the same color of your products). If not, you can look at shoe repair shops to find pieces of leather in the same color.  

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