June 15, 2019

Real cowhide wallet and feng shui meanings behind

Real cowhide wallet for men is a product with perfect feng shui meanings such as: "Money flows in like water", "everything goes well". 

Referring to the objects that need to be selected based on the principles of feng shui, it is impossible to ignore the real cowhide wallet for men. They are associated with the user's fortune and convenience in work and business. In the article below, let's find out the feng shui meanings behind the wallet, and at the same time, suggest ways to choose feng shui for users to have the most luck and confidence in work and life. 

The feng shui meanings behind the real cowhide men's wallet: 

The feng shui’s meaning of a wallet is that it brings fortune to the user. 

Many people, especially business people, are very interested in this fortune meaning when choosing a wallet. Men's wallets can contribute to the user's success, money flows in like water and brings continuous luck. It can also make our economy and fortune worse. 

Men are the ones who pay special attention to feng shui when choosing a wallet, because often, they are the mainstays and main earners in the family. This puts pressure on them and they tend to respect the feng shui factor when choosing a wallet. 

Choosing a cowhide leather wallet according to feng shui:

When choosing according to feng shui, many people will rely on the principle of the five elements, with each color representing a different element. 

  • White and silver gray color:

People belonging to the five elements of metal will be especially lucky in doing business if they choose white and silver gray wallets. These are two colors that often appear in precious metals such as white gold or platinum. So if you choose a white or silver gray wallet, you will have money in your pocket and success in work. These two colors are also quite fancy and show your class. 

  • Brown and yellow: 

If you are an Earth person and want a stable and sustainable life in the present and future, you should choose brown and yellow wallets. In the five elements, the brown and yellow colors are associated with the Earth element, meaning houses, fields, land, and a peaceful life. 

  • Pink and red: 

Pink and red are suitable for people with the Fire element. If you choose a red or pink wallet, you will receive good fortune, work smoothly, have money, and never worry about an empty wallet. 

  • Black and blue: 

In the five elements, these two colors represent the element of Water, which proves that black and blue wallets will be suitable for people with the water element. In feng shui, the people with the Water element often have the ability to make good money, so choosing black and blue wallets makes them more lucky at work and with money. 

  • Light green: 

People with the Wood element should choose wallets with light green, black or blue color. These colors are quite similar to those of the Water element because the Water element is similar to the Wood element.

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