August 27, 2018

Outstanding advantages of real leather sofas

New sofa models are constantly designed. Sofa cover materials are more and more diverse. However, leather sofas are always appreciated. Do you know the reason why? 

High durability 

Sofa tables and chairs for home or living room sofas or office sofa sets, genuine leather is always rated as the top material. The reason is that, the type of leather used to cover the sofa table is all kinds of buffalo leather, cowhide ... which have been processed. This type of leather is usually tough, supple and very durable. Using genuine leather sofa will not worry about tearing, exploding or fading leather after a period of use. 

Luxury, modern

Although sofa products are constantly innovating, with living rooms designed with genuine leather sofas, they certainly never lose their position. With the matte, the smoothness of real leather, any design living room becomes luxurious and modern. Genuine leather sofa in Hanoi is always a way to affirm the level of users. 

Design diversity 

With genuine leather upholstery, you can completely choose the right design. It can be a corner sofa, sofa bed or other high-class imported sofas. The ability to adapt to any type of frame and wood makes choosing a style for a leather sofa a lot easier. In particular, you can also use genuine leather living room sofa sets according to your own designs for the most convenience. Genuine leather sofa is also a product suitable for any design of the living room. Whether classic or modern, you will find genuine leather sofa products that are extremely suitable. 

Good heat adaptability 

Many people think that leather sofas will cause heat. However, the truth is quite the opposite. With the quality of genuine leather, you can freely use it in both winter and summer. Few people know that real leather only takes 0.96 seconds to change the temperature to suit the body temperature of the person, when sitting in. To be precise, this is an extremely smart "heating" product when standing in front of the change of weather. 

Easy to clean 

With any stains on the surface of real leather, just use a damp cloth to gently wipe it, you will find the shine again of the sofa

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