February 22, 2019

Note about the price when buying beautiful male bags in Hanoi

It is not difficult for you to find a place to buy beautiful men's handbags in Hanoi. On the streets, in the alleys, the bags are sold in a variety of ways with different price lists. If you are not careful, you can waste money and not choose a durable and beautiful handbag 

1. Men's handbags under 1 million VND 

If you want to buy a beautiful Hanoi men's handbag for less than 1 million VND, you can only choose a faux leather handbag. The material is mainly made of simili and PU. The outside of the leather has a soft texture, just like real leather. The price is associated with the quality, so it is not durable, only used for 1 year, there are signs of cracking and fading. 

2. Men's handbags from 1 to 5 million VND 

When you spend a relative amount of money from 1 to 5 million VND to buy a beautiful Hanoi men's handbag, you can already own a genuine leather handbag. However, there are fakes and reals mixed up, so be really smart when choosing. You can put it on your nose to smell it, if it smells like skin , it's real leather, and if it smells like nylon, it's fake leather. The other way is to put a few drops of water on the surface of the leather, if it is fake leather, it will not absorb water, while real leather is the opposite. One note is that when you buy a beautiful Hanoi men's handbag at the above price, you will be guaranteed the bag for 1 year. 

3. Men's handbags over 5 million 

Spend a pretty large amount, over 5 million, you will own a precious branded handbag. This type of bag has a sophisticated, fashionable, classy design, .. But really consider when looking for a place to buy beautiful men's handbags in Hanoi. Handbags for men come in different price ranges. The price must be commensurate with the quality of the product, so consider choosing the right handbag for the money.

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