February 17, 2017

Learn how to recognize leather through animal leather types with Aury

How to identify cowhide:

Cowhide is a soft, smooth material with straight pores and round shape and is evenly distributed. The cowhide has a very good elasticity, duraility, high pressure and high abrasion resistance. Therefore, cowhide is widely used in the fashion industry for products such as bags, wallets, belts, jackets, gloves or watch bracelets. 

How to identify buffalo :

Buffalo leather and cowhide are quite the same. You can identify buffalo leather when you see that the pores are bigger, the density is more sparse than cowhide. If you touch buffalo leather, it will feel rough and harder than cowhide. The harder buffalo leather should often be used to make leather products such as belts and bags.

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How to identify goat leather:

Goat leather is a smooth, tough leather material. Goat leather usually has the softness of cowhide but is more elastic. If you look close to the surface of goat leather, you would see an arc shape, on the strip with 2-3 big pores, surrounded by small pores. Soft goat leather is often used to make gloves and handbags.

How to identify horse leather: 

Horse leather is usually tough and sharp. If you look close to the horse leather surface, you would see oval pores similar to the sheep leather. Horse leather pores are usually sorted in a fray and are more sparse than cowhide. Horse leather is used in a lot of leather products such as belts, wallets, handbags and shoes. 

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How to identify sheep leather:

Sheep leather is often soft and thin, with small oval sheep leather pores evenly distributed on the leather surface. Sheep leather is supple, thermal insulated, so it is used to make all kinds of warmers, gloves, shoes.

How to identify pig leather:

Pig leather is a very easy-to-recognizable leather based on unique pores, pig leather pores are usually large, with 3 holes in a cluster with an angle 45 degrees. Touching the surface of the pig leather feels rough, hard. The tanning process and retaining the pig leather are easy. This type of leather is very rough and the price is very affordable. It is usually used as a lining material for products such as bags, leather wallets, shoes and belts

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