January 25, 2021

Italian cow leather sofa for your home space

The sofa is considered as one of the important interior equipment that contributes to making the house more luxurious, showing the class of the owner. Therefore, choosing and using quality sofa products is a great interest to many people. In particular, the Italian cowhide sofa is the perfect choice that any family should not miss. To understand why the product is so popular, don't ignore the article of Auryvietnam.com.

Sophisticated chair design, creating a luxurious space 

Referring to family furniture, it is definitely indispensable for the living room sofa. Especially high-class Italian cowhide sofa products with sophisticated design will bring the space to become more luxurious and unique than ordinary sofa models. 

Each product is a masterpiece of creativity led by a team of talented and experienced architects in Italy. The product is designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. The rigor in design is reflected in each needle and thread. The seams of the product are extremely solid and straight with a design that focuses on usability. Everything gives the user the most perfect experience. 

Italian cowhide sofa product using 100% genuine leather 

The highlight of the product is the use of 100% genuine cowhide and is selected from quality cowhide. Those are the highest quality cowhides collected from Northern Europe, South America. Italian cowhide usually has a large size, good elasticity, thickness, and is many times stronger than Asian cowhide. After that, the cowhide will be treated with the Italian herbal tanning technology. 

From there, it is possible to fully retain the natural properties of real leather. Sofa upholstered with 100% Italian cowhide, sturdy, durable, high-class, brings a great feeling when experiencing. Thereby ensuring durable quality over the years. 

Anyone who has the opportunity to sit on a high-class Italian cowhide sofa will certainly feel the smoothness and ventilation that the product brings. The chair can make you feel more relaxed than ever. With high-quality polyurethane foam padding that is smooth, durable, and has good pressure resistance, it allows you to experience any sitting or lying position without any discomfort. With the characteristics of being cool in the summer, warm in the winter, it is very suitable for the climate in Vietnam.

Products bring comfort to people sitting 

Safe for users' health

Europeans, especially Italians, are concerned about health issues, they like to use natural materials. Therefore, cowhide products must undergo rigorous testing for safety when used. Thanks to that, you can rest assured when using cowhide products imported from Italy. 

Italian cowhide sofa products are provided at auryvietnam.com

The above sharing can help you understand why Italian cowhide sofas are so popular. They are high-quality materials, with high durability, comfort and safety to use. Currently products distributed by Auryvietnam.com, are all imported directly from reputable brands, without intermediaries, so they also have good prices.

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