April 20, 2021

Is waxed cowhide well? How to recognize a fake ?

Waxed cowhide wallets bring a lot of advantages to users because of their durability, convenience in use and especially high aesthetics. First of all, waxed cowhide wallets will usually keep the color of the real cowhide, not paint on the surface. So the color of the wallet will be the most natural, because it has a protective wax layer, so you are not afraid of fading over time. Or if the waxed cowhide is discolored, you just need to apply a little cream and the wallet will be shiny like new again. The extremely high durability of this wallet model, with the outer protective wax layer, the longer it is used, the softer the leather wallet will become. Although waxed cowhide is very susceptible to impact, even a small scratch will leave a mark on the surface of the leather, but the magic is that you just need to rub and gently stroke to have a perfect wallet like initial. However, wax cowhide wallets also have the disadvantage of being water-absorbent, but you still have a way to overcome this drawback that is to treat it with beeswax or a candle. 

How to recognize wax cowhide

As mentioned above, waxed cowhide has the characteristic that it is very easy to scratch but also very easy to recover, so you can tell if it is real wax cowhide or not by using your fingernail to gently scrape a corner of the skin. You will immediately see that the skin is scratched white, but when gently rubbing with your fingertips and many times the scratched area, the scratch will fade and become almost invisible. 

In addition, the layer of the kidney is worn away so that the grain is no longer visible, but if you look closely, you will still see the small pores. Especially, the surface of the new wax cowhide wallet will often be rough, matte, sharp, hard and not shiny. 

In addition, because wax cowhide has open pores, so it has a high water absorption capacity, when you drop water on the surface, the water will be absorbed immediately, making the skin color of the wet area. After drying, the skin color will return to the original. In terms of smell, waxed cowhide wallets often have a characteristic smell of wax mixed with the smell of leather, when it is new, this smell is quite strong. In addition, usually when making a wallet, the thickness of the leather piece will be at 1.4 - 1.8 mm. 

Most Popular Waxed Cowhide wallets

Square wallet

This square wallet is compactly designed with a traditional and familiar square shape, so you can easily put the wallet in the pocket and always carry it with you very conveniently. At the same time, the wallet is designed with strong seams, bringing a sense of lightness and luxury to the user. 

Long Wallet 

This long wallet model is designed to be extremely scientific and spacious, even with a solid copper zipper compartment you can still fit your phone when going out. Extremely convenient, isn't it? In addition to the money compartment, the picture slot and the next compartment for cards or important documents are also the highlight of this design.

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