August 25, 2018

Imported cowhide types and characteristics of them

For a long time, handbags made from full-grain cowhide have been an indispensable fashion accessory for women everywhere, when going out, at the office or going to school... 

Nowadays, the bags are very diversified, the designs are more diverse, there are more options of color and the quality is better. 

There are many materials for making handbags such as simili leather, nubuck leather, ... but those types do not bring much of the best quality. When it comes to high durability and value, imported cowhide is always the perfect choice. However, depending on the type of cowhide, there are different properties suitable for different uses. 

Imported Full Grain Cowhide 

Favorite leather types 

  • Aniline Leather, a natural looking leather with the unique surface features left over from the raw hide. Leather color is only dyed without any additional protective layer. However, leather can be coated with an oil- or dirt-resistant layer. 
  • Semi-Aniline dyed leather will last longer than Aniline but still retain its natural look. The stronger durability is due to a thin protective layer, which gives the leather a consistent color and resists dirt. 
  • Suede, which is very prone to dirt and absorbs water, is difficult to clean, but is more stylish than Nubuck leather. Suede is easier to dye, so it is available in a variety of colors. But it is not as durable as nubuck leather, so the price is not suitable for making bags. 
  • Nubuck leather is aniline leather that is gently rubbed on the surface to create short, smooth coats that are very smooth to the touch thanks to the tight structure of the leather fibers. However, it is more water absorbent than other types of leather.

Full-grain imported cowhide leather 

Some advantages of Cowhide Leather 

It has great use value: contrast to imitation leather or canvas bags, cowhide handbags have far superior durability. When you first buy a cowhide bag, it seems a bit hard, but the more you use it, the softer the leather will be, the quality will not be changed and deformed.

Diverse design: Before the different types of bags were not so many (only cross-body bags, briefcases). Now there is more diversity with box bags, document bags... full cowhide brings many high-end applications to users. 

Full-grain imported cowhide

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