September 18, 2018

How to distinguish real cowhide and fake cowhide

Leather is a high-quality material that is widely used in fashion and apparel. Besides leather products such as leather wallets, leather belts, leather shoes, etc. Men's leather jackets are very trendy. For this category of products, it is impossible to not mention the Italian cowhide jacket - a high-end fashion product. However, you must also feel overwhelmed in the market with different styles of cowhide coats, diverse in design and quality. So how can you distinguish real cowhide and fake cowhide to choose the best leather jacket? 

As the current technology is improving day by day, the phenomenon of counterfeiting of materials and products is also increasing. This is very common in the sector of high-quality cowhide leather jackets with high prices. Imitation cowhide coats are rampant in the market. It can be cheap, but can also be sold for as high as real cowhide. As a consequence, it is extremely important to have knowledge and know how to recognize the difference of these leather materials.

To help consumers distinguish and recognize which is real Italian cowhide and which is imitation leather, Aury Vietnam will help you to be able to accurately distinguish the substance. 

Leather jackets with imitation leather material are divided into two main types: Simili and PU. With simili, you can easily identify it by its hard material, covered with a layer of polyester, so it is very glossy, often sewn as market goods and cheap. As for PU leather, it is easier to confuse, because this is a high-quality, soft imitation leather material that closely resembles real leather. However, the nature of PU is still a form of man-made synthetic compounds, so the quality is not high and may peel off over time. 

In order to identify genuine cowhide coats, many people have used the burning method for a long time. If it is fake leather, it will shrink like burning plastic bags. Meanwhile, real leather is scorched and has a burning smell of organic compounds, of animal skins. 

The second point is on the surface of the real leather jacket, even though it has the tanning process, there are still pores that can be seen by just a little keen eye. As for faux leather jackets, this is completely absent. Third, real Italian cowhide has natural elasticity, so no matter how you fold it, it will not be deformed, break, or stretch like fake leather.

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