June 4, 2018

How to distinguish leather types making bags

Handbags are one of the indispensable accessories of women at any age or on any occasion regardless of work or daily life. Although it is a favorite accessory, not all women can know what leather their handbag is made of. This article will help you partly know the types of leather commonly used to make bags. 

1.Natural leather 

Natural leather is mainly obtained from the skins of animals such as buffalo, cow, sheep, crocodile. Usually, on products made from real leather, it is often written genuine leather, cowhide. Genuine leather is often used in many fashion industries such as the production of women's handbags, shoes, belts, wallets and leather jackets. Products made from genuine leather have very high durability, besides, products made from genuine leather have a very prominent feature that the longer it is used, the more shiny and beautiful it is than the original. 

2. Imitation leather 

Today, with the development of science and technology, all kinds of imitation leather have also been manufactured to replace products made from real leather. They may have a similar appearance, but in terms of quality, imitation leather is less durable than products made from real leather. Currently, there are 2 types of imitation leather materials: PU leather and Simili.

  • Simili : Simili is made from a lining fabric usually woven with polyester and then dyed with one or two layers of PVC to create a bond between the fabric and the plastic layer. After, this bonding plate will be put through the stamping process to create a pattern on the surface of the product. Finally, the surface of the simili will be treated, dyed to make the product more beautiful and smooth. Although the surface has the leather texture, simili is a PVC product, with a plastic smell and gloss, so it can be easily distinguished from real leather. Simili is hard and difficult to clean, so it is often used to make cheap handbags. A more advanced type of simili, harder to detect is pu leather. 
  • PU leather : PU leather also known as synthetic plastic or soft plastic leather, or flexible plastic leather... Pu leather is a simili covered with a layer of Polyurethane (PU). Due to the nature of Pu plastic, Pu leather is almost as soft as real leather, easy to clean and has a higher durability than ordinary simili. Pu leather is quite good, so it is used a lot to make wallets, bags, shoes. Products from Pu leather are relatively easier to maintain and have a cheaper price than real leather. No matter how similar to real leather, Pu leather still has the durability and production cost far behind real leather. PU leather is very flexible and when you pull it, you will feel a slight stretch, almost like elastic. PU leather is a good material, easy to maintain and relatively durable. PU leather is now used quite a lot for fashion products to replace real leather. Products from pu leather are beautiful and the price is only about half of real leather.

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