February 27, 2017

Don't miss the opportunity when you want to buy a genuine leather

Where to buy genuine leather fabric? Aury Vietnam Co., Ltd - is specialized in providing genuine leather fabrics for the handbag industry, leather for the footwear industry and leather for the furniture industry... To get the best quality products, we have to search and import raw materials at foreign factories and carefully check them by a team of experts before sorting and processing. 

Leather is a material used a lot in the interior or fashion industry, but it must be a quality genuine leather fabric to be durable and beautiful. We are specializes in providing finished leather products such as full-grain leather, top-grain leather, split leather… However, products made from imitation leather have a beautiful appearance and the quality is the same as real leather during the first time of use, therefore many sellers often take advantage of this to increase product prices. In this article, Aury will help you distinguish and understand real leather to avoid buying poor quality products. 

Where can I buy genuine leather fabric?

Distinguish where to buy real leather? 

  • Real leather is usually produced from horse skin, sheep skin, buffalo skin, cow skin, crocodile skin... We can easily feel real leather by placing our hands on the surface of the skin. The surface of the leather is a bit rough, with ridges. In particular, there will be no cracks or stretch marks, and touching the surface of the imitation leather will be very smooth because it is covered by synthetic materials. If winter touches it, it will feel cold. 
  • The color of faux leather is brighter and has a wider range of colors than real leather. The elasticity of real leather is also very good, and can be easily distinguished by pressing on the product, if the skin returns to normal immediately, it is genuine leather. Real leather will have a musty, slightly animal-like smell, while fake leather will have a chemical smell. In addition, the ability to absorb water from real leather is also very high… 

Genuine leather has many colors 

  • Real leather will undergo a chemical treatment process to preserve the leather from rot and peel off the surface of the leather and keep the leather durable. 

In short, finding a source of genuine, high-quality leather will be the most important step in the process of manufacturing certain leather-related items. 

Proud to be a well-known brand name with professional staff, many years of experience in the field of providing genuine cowhide, Aury Vietnam guarantees to bring the most satisfaction to customers.

So where to find a place that sell genuine leather with prestige and quality 

Currently, many stores can provide products from real leather but not all of them can provide you with good quality leather. Not all of them can handle it well, removing the characteristic smell of the leather that it is unpleasant for leather products owners.

A reliable brand that can provide all kinds of products made from prestigious genuine leather for you is Aury Vietnam. We are specialized in providing items made from genuine leather with the best quality that are thoroughly tested before being sold to the market. 

If you are looking for a good leather supplier that provides reputable leather products, why not try to come and see at auryvietnam.com to buy the best quality genuine leather goods. 

For any information, please contact our Hotline at +84 (0)981 673 871 or +84 (0)28 6654 7788 for advice and more detailed information, we will be very pleased to serve you!

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