March 15, 2021

Do you know any retail stores that sell prestigious cowhide patches in Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City is a densely populated area, so the demand for goods has also increased. Especially high-end appliances made from luxurious materials such as cowhide are much sought after. If you are a manufacturer or a business specializing in designing products made from genuine leather, you should look for a place that sells cowhide at good prices to order. In today's article, we will help you to find a prestigious retailer. 

What is a cowhide patch? 

Cowhide patch is one of the most popular materials used by manufacturers today. Because the size is large enough to make fashion products without having to remove too much excess skin around. Cowhide also has many different types to quickly serve the requirements of customers when needed. 

Cowhide in various colors 

Depending on the product design, you can choose cowhides such as: grained cowhide, smooth cowhide,... These materials will still ensure durability and aesthetics when finishing the product. Users do not need to worry about the quality of the leather during use. 

If you are the owner of a shop selling handmade goods, choosing to buy cowhide will be extremely correct. Because this type of cowhide is convenient in framing, cutting and sewing. In particular, the price is also much cheaper than genuine cowhide models. 

Applications of cowhide patches 

Buying cowhide patches can be made into many items of high aesthetics and durability. Real cowhide can be made into many designs such as leather hats, clothes, lounge chairs, decorations… Technology is developing more and more, so you can also see real cowhide being made into many familiar products such as : watch strap, leather briefcase. These are all indispensable accessories for both men and women. Each product is made from genuine cowhide with beautiful, meticulous and elaborate design. From there, it shows the level of the user, and at the same time, it is suitable for fashion trends, without worrying about being out of fashion. 

Retail stores that sell prestigious cowhide patches in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are looking for a cowhide seller, don't hesitate to come to Aury Vietnam. We are a brand specialized in providing genuine leather imported from abroad, the quality of leather is absolutely safe, and does not affect the health of consumers. 

Aury Vietnam Company specializes in selling cowhide pieces, ensuring good quality.

Aury specializes in selling beautiful cowhide pieces, with diverse colors, suitable for most of the design needs of customers. You just need to make a request to us and will be thoroughly consulted by the staff. If you are far away, the company has a door-to-door delivery service, ensuring the cowhide reaches the customer according to the requirements and designs. Customers can be assured of the quality of service that Aury provides. 

Hopefully with the above sharing, you have found a place to sell quality cowhide at an affordable price. Aury Vietnam will be a great cowhide supplier that you should not ignore. 

For any information, please contact our Hotline at +84 (0)981 673 871 or +84 (0)28 6654 7788 for advice and more detailed information, we will be very pleased to serve you!

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