December 18, 2018

7 tips to help you distinguish real leather bags from fake bags

A beautiful and luxurious leather bag is a dream accessory of millions of fashion followers. However, how do you distinguish real or fake in the vibrant handbag market today? This article will help you answer the question.

. In the current vibrant leather handbag market, how do you distinguish which products are real or fake to not waste money? The answer is based on some of the following criterias:

1. Sewing is beautiful. 

The seam of the real leather bag must be at the highest level. 

True leather bags of reputable brands are always produced with a lot of harsh demands. That means even the smallest detail on the bag must also be completed to the best quality. If it was a genuine leather bag, you can't find a few seams that are negligence or junctions ungainly.  Because it is a hand-tailed product, the seam can only be 100% unwind but still have to ensure aesthetics, neat, sharp. 

Every small detail can denounce the bag is a fake one.

2. Clasps, press locks and good quality zippers.

Quality of all metal parts must also be guaranteed.

Clasps, press locks, zippers and all metallic details on real leather bags must meet good quality standards. If you see the zippers with clear scratches or lost glossy paint, please say  “No”  immediately. In addition, the bags of major brands often have logos or brand names on these small details. For example, all Hermès's bags have sinking lines  “HERMES Paris” on the hook, print embossed line  “Hermes Paris Made in France” on the front and a production year label as well as bag production material. 

3. Good leather material

Quality leather cannot be rough and look like plastic

All major brands only use the best leather material to produce leather bags. You can check the real or fake leather with some traditional methods such as hand feeling, observing smooth gloss, smelling animal's pungent odor and testing water absorbent level. Fake leather bags are always hard, feel like plastic, easy to peel off and be more damaged than genuine leather bags. 

4. Brand name with copyright registration

Brand name must be printed with high technology using the correct font as in copyright registration. 

To avoid litigation, sometimes a fake leather bag will deliberately change some details in the name of the original brand and then print it to the product. When checking the bag, you should open the brand name registered international copyright on the official website for comparison. Although each character is completely the same but the font is different, you should still be cautious. 

5. Accurate serial number

All genuine leather bags must have a serial number that is difficult to erase.

All genuine leather bags must have a serial number printed with high technology so that it cannot be easily removed. If you can't find a serial number on your bag or the ink is scratched, never buy that bag. 

6. Beautiful boxes

Brand products always go with nice boxes, showing professionalism

All products of prestigious brands must be packed carefully and beautifully. It is impossible to find a real Louis Vuitton or Hermès bag that is only contained in a nylon bag. On the other hand, the product container will always be counted as a gift and will never be charged. 

7. There are unique features associated with the brand

Each brand has its own characteristics and this is shown on all their products.

Before spending money to buy an expensive bag, you should learn thoroughly about the characteristics of the product's brand. For example, the majority of Christian Dior's bags will have red lining in two CD symbols. Observing every detail of the bag from the image provided on the official website is also a good way for you to avoid the risk of buying fake goods.

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