July 1, 2017

10 ways to clean the best cowhide bag

Genuine cowhide men's bags are high-class accessories that any gentleman wants to own. However, after owning them, how do you keep your beloved bag always clean and fresh? This kind of bag is luxurious, so the care must be very meticulous. 

1/ Clean leather with warm water 

Similar to cleaning and maintaining other leather goods, you should not wash leather handbags directly with soap. It would cause the leather to deteriorate quickly. It's best to spend time each week mixing a small amount of mild soap with warm water. Then use a soft cotton cloth to soak in this solution and gently wipe the surface of the bag. This tip not only helps you keep the durability of the bag but also helps the leather become shiny. 

2/ Wipe the bag vertically 

Many people often have the habit of using a towel to wipe them horizontally when their bags are dirty. However, to avoid damaging the leather surface of the bag, it is best to wipe it vertically! 

3/ Do not use chemicals 

When cleaning leather bags, you should not use chemical-impregnated towels. 

You shouldn’t use chemical towels or paper to clean the bag.

Many people often use wet baby wipes to clean leather bags. However, in these wet tissues, there are many chemicals that can easily cause the bags to fade, the skin to become dry and wrinkled, so it's best to just use a normal damp cloth (can add dilute soap) to clean.

4/ Dirty leather handbags need to be cleaned immediately 

When leather handbags are dirty, you need to clean them immediately, because at this stage, the stains have not yet penetrated deep into the leather surface. If it is not possible to immediately treat the stain, it is then better to buy a specialized stain removal product for leather, because the stain may have already dried and it will be difficult to remove. 

5/ Preserve leather bags by stuffing

Many women wonder why the inside bags are stuffed in the stores? The answer is very simple: it keeps  the shape of the leather handbag. You can also apply this tip to take care of your bag at home. The shape of the bag will then be kept as it was when you bought it.

6/ Do not use water to clean grease stains 

If your leather handbag is unfortunately greasy, use a soft towel to dry it gradually. Absolutely do not use water to wipe because you may easily damage the surface of the leather. And you should also note that if you are applying a greasy lotion on your hands, then don't hold a bag! 

7/ Should test first a small area of the leather bag before cleaning the whole bag. 

Because there are many ways to clean leather handbags, you should test these cleaning methods on a small area of ​​the skin first to ensure it is the right method and that it doesn’t damage the bag. If it is successful, then you can apply it on the entire surface of the leather bag. This will help the bag to last longer without worrying about damaging it when you clean it. 

8/ Limiting the bag's exposure to the sun 

Besides the ways to clean leather handbags, you should also pay attention to how to use and maintain them. It is best not to leave the bag in direct sunlight, which can damage the leather material, even explode. Don’t throw away the plastic bags wrapped around the outside of the bag when you buy it. You can reuse them to hang the bag in the closet. 

9/ Clean leather handbags with shoe polish

If you have shoe polish that matches the color of your bag, you can use it to polish your leather handbag. Remember to only use a small amount on the dirty area! 

10/ Deodorizing bags with baking soda.

In addition to the cleaning uses of baking soda, you can use it to deodorize bags because it absorbs sweat very well. Just put some baking soda in a bag then wrap it in a pillowcase or dust bag for 24 hours and your bag will smell fresh and clean. 

Hopefully, these tips for cleaning leather bags will help your 'luxury' bags stay as durable as new. Taking the time to 'care' for a leather bag will help you save money! 

Good luck with these cool leather bag cleaning hacks!

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