We are a leather solution provider and a trustworthy partner.
We are a supplier of leather. Besides the quality of our leather, we take great pride in working as your partner in your quest to find the perfect leather for your project.

Our unique network in the leather industry, our knowledge, and our work ethics allow us to offer solutions for any design. We support young creators, small artisan businesses, as well as major brands and prestigious manufacturers.
A yellow leather sample
A green leather sample
A sample of brown leather

our services

We are your trustworthy partner

consultation & support

We provide consultancy services for you to choose the most suitable leather for your project. We propose options and explain the benefits and features of each solution. Then, the choice is yours.

one-on-one assistance

Each of our clients is closely assisted by an expert from Aury, from the order placement to the final invoicing. We offer maximum efficiency, dedication, and professionalism that are exceptional in the industry.

training programs

Aury offers yearly training courses about leather for both our customers and our team. We can also offer personalized training courses to cater to a customer's specific demand. In these courses, we give you all the tools and resources to identify real and fake leather, to choose the best leather for your needs, and to use leather in the most economic and productive way.
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Product development based on your specific needs

We can match any color pantone

If you cannot find the perfect color from our catalog, simply contact us. In most cases, we can customize your color. The process is easy and we will support you at every step of the way. We begin with what we have as a starting point, from there, we can adjust to the color you need.

1000+ patterns, textures & effects

We can provide over 1000 different patterns, textures, metallic, and waxing effects.

Testing & quality transparency

We are totally transparent about our products. We can give you the exact details about the leather's origin and the different treatments it has received (fireproofing, water or stain resisting treatments for easier maintenance). All certificates and testing results are available for you to verify.

Thickness on demand

We provide customized leather thickness.
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Flexible and easy leather ordering

Reasonable minimum quantities

We are happy to support you with any volume of order. This does not affect our ability to customize the leather to your exact needs. Such freedom is ideal for new designers or for any pilot project: hotel room samples, or furniture prototypes…

ad-hoc leather sampling

We offer complimentary customized samples for all customers. This means you can order safely and know exactly what to expect. Let us send you samples today for your next project and you can judge for yourself if our leather can do the job.
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