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Hides are natural products and vary in shapes and sizes.

Thanks to our long experience with leather, Aury's experts team is here to guide you in the estimation of the quantity of leather needed for your project.

Calculate your needs

Calculate your needs

On average, a cow hide is about six feet long from neck to butt and four feet wide at the middle of the hide which will make an average of:.

• 50-55 square feet for a full cow hide.

• 22-25 square feet for a side cow hide.

• 18-20 square feet for a shoulder cowhide.

• 18-20 square feet for the double butt cow hide.

But again, these are estimations and every hide is different.

Estimate your order

The first step is to calculate the leather square footage required for your project. Most designers are used to working with fabric yards. Simply multiply the fabric yards by 18 to determine how much square footage is required. For example, a project requiring 10 yards of fabric would need 180 square feet of leather.

The second step is to evaluate the number of leather hides you will need. If you need 25 square feet, you may think that you only need half a hide. But this is not as simple as the length of a hide is greater than the width. So actually you may need one whole hide.

Best advice

Get in contact with Aury experts. They will not only advise you on the best type or leather for your project, but they will also help you estimate and optimize your leather need.

Wondering which leather to pick?